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Novelty Swim

"A novelty item is an object which is specifically designed to serve no practical purpose,

and is sold for its uniqueness, humor, or simply as something new (hence "novelty", or newness)."

This first collection is all about fashion, although you can definitely go for a dip in the pool,

go for a swim in the beach, & dive in the ocean,

 these pieces are for my it girls, for my Monroe mamacitas, who love their swimwear to be a part of their fashion wardrobe.


Novelty Swim, is swimwear you'd wear for a special trip or occasion.

That Birthday trip you're taking with your girls and the theme is pretty fly girls.

Or that sexy trip you're taking with your lover, and you're the eye candy all through out the trip.

Or as simple as taking a trip to celebrate life and fashion is part of who you are.

The fabric is coated with a metallic foil, these particular swimsuits will give you a few wears.

Special wash & dry instructions to help maintain the metallic coat a little longer.



Gently Hand Wash.

Wash in cold/warm water. 

Do Not machine wash. 

Do Not Bleach.

Spot wash preferably.

But if you wash the whole swimsuit, wash it on its own and rub gently.


Dry in the shade.

Do not wring swimsuit.

Lay flat or hang dry.

When traveling with your RMSwimsuit, keep your swimsuit wrapped separate for fabric protection.

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