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Exclusive & Limited?

Yes, RM is exclusive and limited, the idea is to put out limited amounts of swimsuits so you get that one of a kind experience,

I will only restock one time, but both runs will be super limited in quantities.

Then I will move forward with more colors and adding different designs.


How to care for RmSwim fabrics?

The fabrics are made from a stretch poly and spandex material,

they should be gently hand washed under cold to warm water,

Do Not bleach.

Do Not dry clean.

Do Not machine wash

Wash separate from other garments.

 Dry flat in the shade.
Do Not iron.

Do Not wring.

What if i need specific measurements for my order?

Im hoping in the near future to hire someone to focus on limited custom sizing,

I want RM to be as inclusive as possible.  

Make sure you follow and subscribe so you can be the first to know when custom sizing is put in place.

Voluptuous sizes?

I am working on including sizes up to a 3x, but I will not let a production company tell me to use standard plus size charts,

because even those are made too small or don't fit properly where they should.

I am doing the research and samples needed in order to include as many woman as possible.

Comfort and fit are just as important as style & being fashionable.

Subscribe & follow to stay tuned for the added sizes. 

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