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Mission, Vision, & Gratitude

ReynaMonroe is more than just fashion, its' a feeling, I have put a lot of thought and spent a lot of time creating fashionable pieces for woman who love, fashion from design to fit. Creating a line to be inclusive for a woman who hasn't really been thought about. How do I know, because I am one of them, since the 6th grade I've been in-between sizes and for some garments like dresses and swimsuits I hardly ever bought what I liked, I mostly settled for what fit and that was usually in a department where clothes were more of a necessity than an expression of who I was, so that in itself was a journey. My mission is to give more woman the luxury of being able to put on and walk out in a swimsuit that not only fits your curves but that you look and feel great in. Its sexy, its stylish, simple and classy. I created my own pattern and sizing for women with fuller bodies, if you're thinking but I'm always a small and I don't have a "fuller body", you may just need to size down. Provided will be a size chart so you can take your measurements to see what size in RM you are. I tested my samples on multiple women who wear the same size but have different body types in order to get the most accurate fit and I found that because of the stretch in the fabric if you have for instance a larger chest and you're normally a small but not in swimsuits, that you'll probably be a small in RM, but if you're small and have a smaller chest you may be an XS, so its is important to use the size chart to see where your measurements fall. I was not going to settle for the industry sizing because there's enough of that out there. And the fuller thicker woman should be thought about as well.

The vision i'm setting forth as of now is a mini one piece swimsuit collection, one cheeky one bikini, and one thong, all with different hip lengths so you chose what coverage you feel best in & in two color options. Starting with a very small and limited amount of quantities so whether you're pool or beach side time will be spent you'll definitely be turning heads and feeling exclusive in you RMSwim. When they sell out i'll release the line one more time, but even with both runs the line will still be very limited. I am going for a boutique feel. I love one of a kind pieces, and that's how you should feel when wearing ReynaMonroe.

In the near future, I hope to release the line in a couple more colors and add a couple more styles. I'm also working on adding more sizes to be as inclusive as possible, and although I am working with a manufacturer to produce the pieces I am creating the patterns and samples and testing with woman of all shapes in order to disrupt the standard sizes given in the fashion industry. 

appreciate you stopping by, although I am just getting started, it's important to me to find ways to give back to the community. With every purchase made, a percentage will go towards PCCC Arts, a non profit after school arts program ("closing the gap in arts education. by partnering with schools and organizations in under-resourced communities") in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago. Together we are helping more students have a safe place to go and learn different forms of art.

Check them out at and pcccarts on ig

Thank you!

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