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Fit Suggestions


If all your measurements do not fit in one exact size, between bust and hips use your largest from the two measurements to purchase your size.

OR if your bust is one size and your hips is 2 sizes bigger or smaller purchase the size that is in between.

For example if your bust is 36" but your hips are 42" purchase a Medium. 

​When putting on Leslie or Mila, grab the whole swimsuit and lift up all together as much as possible,

avoiding the mesh as it is delicate and you don't want to cause holes in the fabric.

RM Swim products are meant to be snug and fitting to the body.

Your waist is meant to be snatched but still giving nice room in the bust to avoid spillage.

It is not unusual to have difficulty putting on Mila or Leslie, but once its on its a comfortable fit, and should fit like a glove.

Feel free to contact me with any sizing or fit questions.

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