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When I attended my first HS we were forced to do community service in order to graduate,

and like a lot of other students I didn't want to do it, even though it was only 40 hours in four years.

I transferred going into my Junior year of HS, where community service was not mandatory,

but for some reason the summer before I transferred I had some type of epiphany.

 I wanted to be a better person, that was my reason for transferring. I was tired of failing myself.

 At my new HS I joined a lot of different after school programs, and I ended up doing a ton of community service,

so much so that I won an NAACP award for community service.

I am not as active these days as I once was, but I do find ways to contribute,

and it's really important for me to start this business with a greater purpose.

For every purchase made, a percentage of the proceeds will go towards PCCC Arts,

an after school program for the youth in the Pilsen community in Chicago where a variety of style of art is taught.

Not only will you be purchasing and rocking an exclusive novelty swimsuit piece,

you'll also be supporting a small Black/Latin woman owned business,

and the icing on the cake is that together we will be giving back to our future potential artist.

A little back story about how I chose PCCC Arts.

In 2017 I decided I wanted to learn to dance salsa, my cousin introduced me to the latin social world,

and I started going 3 to 4 times a week, before the social began there would be a basic lesson,

I would take the lesson and then practice what I learned during the social, I did that for about a year.

The next three years I attended the socials but in the fall of 2021 I felt stuck,

my homeboy told me about this instructor named Kat from Florida that taught lessons on 2.

During that time my 17 year old sister was staying with me due to hurricane ida,

and I couldn't afford to pay for the both of us, I took a chance and asked Kat, if there was a discounted program for kids,

and she told me about her non for profit. It was a no brainer that PCCC Arts would be who I contributed to,

not only because it allowed my younger sis to not only try something totally different

but it gave her something new and active to do. As well as giving her and I something to do together.

I am very excited to contribute, and I hope the you're excited knowing that together we are helping kids learn, and have somewhere safe to go after school.

Kids playing instruments, laughing and writing


At People’s Center for Cultural and Contemporary Arts (PCCCArts) is to prepare the innovators of tomorrow through guided exploration of

cultural and contemporary arts and provide professional development to equip students in making relevant connections

to their personal and career goals.


Continuing Artistic Legacy

We believe that the arts are a vehicle for celebrating diversity and promoting

inclusion, creating sustainable connections to community and networks that afford greater opportunities.

By providing accessible educational programs designed and delivered by qualified instructors, partnering with schools and community centered organizations in spaces conceptualized to showcase the artistic works of local students, we intend to close the gap in art education.

PCCCArts (501c3) is committed to its mission and understands that accessibility to quality art programs is essential to the development of our youth. Therefore, no student, family or community partner will be turned away for the inability to pay.

Katrise Chávez
Founder, Mentor

You can learn more at and be sure to give them a follow on instagram at PcccArts

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