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RM Fabric

The main fabric which is the shell of RM swimsuits are made with a coated metallic foil it is 90% poly/10% spandex.

Although you can swim in RMSwim, these not your ordinary everyday practical swimsuits. 

This first collection are novelty/specialty swimsuits, made for special occasions,

or simply to look great when you decide a day at the pool is where you need to be. 

The mesh fabric is used as a combination fabric, I love to mix or combine color, texture, and patterns in my designs.

It is 90% Nylon 10% Spandex.

The lining I chose is for your comfort. It is 90% poly 10% Spandex

The fabric is coated with a metallic foil, these particular swimsuits will give you a few wears.

Special wash & dry instructions to help maintain the metallic coat a little longer.



Gently Hand Wash.

Wash in cold/warm water. 

Do Not machine wash. 

Do Not Bleach.

Spot wash preferably.

But if you wash the whole swimsuit, wash it on its own and rub gently.


Dry in the shade.

Do not wring swimsuit.

Lay flat or hang dry.

When traveling with your RMSwimsuit, keep your swimsuit wrapped separate for fabric protection.

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